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Teenage Skin

Teenage Skin is NOT Adult Skin We know that there may be a genetic predisposition to acne, however, teenage skin is different than adult skin, especially when it comes to acne. Hormones accompanying puberty, often as early as age 10, are actually the spark that triggers the development of breakouts & excess oiliness in the skin. With teenage acne, however, it may involve the entire face – particularly around the T-zone, forehead, nose, chin & cheeks, as well as the chest and back. Teenage Skin Is About More Than Acne: Being the most common skin complaint among teenagers, affecting nearly all of those in the 12 to 17 age bracket which brings with them an element of anxiety & social stigma, affecting their sense of self-esteem. Diet rich in high-glycemic index foods (sugars, white flour, & snacks) appear to elevate insulin levels and,in turn, can stimulate sebum production. Encouraging a healthy diet with plenty of fruits & vegetables can definitely be a step in the right direction
Hair: a lot of hair-styling products contain plastics, perfumes & other ingredients that are not healthy for skin. We often see breakouts around the hairline, cheeks & jaw when the product comes in contact with the skin. Going to bed with hair product still in place,ends up with the product getting pressed into the skin while they sleep. Perhaps replacing the pillowcase every few days, tying long hair back& brushing out styling products before bed.
Make-up: When sharing make-up at school, bacteria can be transferred from compacts, sponges, pads, lip glosses, eye pencils and mascara wands and can trigger acne or worse skin conditions, which are not things they want to share with their friends.
Before Bed: It is so important to remove make-up (along with sweat and other surface debris) from you skin before sleep. Often teens will probe & pick at their skin, squeezing breakouts, but this is can only result in long term scarring & spreading bacteria. To safely perform extractions, first properly cleanse the face and hands using Clear Start Foaming Wash, this foaming wash clears away dead skin cells, dirt and excess oils that clog pores & cause breakouts. Use on your face back neck...whever skin requires deep cleaning. After cleansing, wrap the index fingers in tissue - no dirty fingernails - Using gentle pressure, make a mound around the breakout, wiggle the impaction out, & then immediately treat the blemished area with a product containing ingredients like Salicylic Acid or Tea Tree Oil such as Clear Start Overnight Treatment works all night to fight brekouts and ensure you awake with less congestion, fewer breakouts & reduced redness.
Sensitivity and erythema: These symptoms are often the result of incorrect products such as aggressive scrubs, as well as over-drying & over-stimulating products. Harsh exfoliants, alkaline soaps & alcohol-containing astringents can strip the skin, making it sensitized & dehydrated. Clear Start Pore Control Scrub helps soak up excess oil & debris controls shine.
Teenage Skin Needs a Clear Routine: Skin at any age craves healthy ingredients and a daily routine. Most teenagers are looking for products to help banish breakouts & bacteria, control oiliness & reduce inflammation.
Formulas with medicating ingredients like Salicylic Acid & Benzoyl Peroxide, combined with gentle botanicals, are tough on breakouts, but kind to skin. An at-home regimen for day & night can be combined with targeted treatment products for extra clearing. For cleansers, the objective is not to get skin squeaky clean; a skin that squeaks is crying out for help! Teenagers often get overly-aggressive with scrubs, pads & invasive products.
Choose products that deep-clean & purify skin without stripping it of natural oils. Teenage skin requires hydration & moisture protection; the goal is not to remove every drop of sebum. A foaming wash such as Clear Start Foaming Wash with Salicylic Acid exfoliates skin cells & clears trapped oil to help wipe out existing & future breakouts, keep the skin calm and help regulate excessive sebum.
It is hip to hydrate, however, many teenagers do not understand toners. Stripping the skin with alcohol-based astringents can lead to dehydration & cause even more oil production! Purifying mists such as Clear Start All Over Toner can help control excess oil, providing excellent hydration, & eliminating breakouts on the face & body & normalize sebum secretion while Orange Peel and Lavender soothe & refresh the skin.
Exfoliation is an important step in skin care. Avoiding over-exfoliation and harsh scrubs that can tear the skin & cause more damage. Mild physical & chemical exfoliants can slough off excessive poreclogging skin cells. Try Clear Start Pore Control Scrub is tough on breakouts & gentle on your skin.
Using spot treatments on blemishes versus picking at breakouts. Popping pimples or picking at the skin can lead to further damage such as acne scars. Topical formulas such as Clear Start Emergency Spot Fix with Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid kill breakout-causing bacteria deep within pores. They are designed to clear breakouts fast & help resist the temptation to squeeze pimples. An oil-free moisturizer such as Clear Start Matte Moisturiser can keep sebum under control with ingredients like Niacinamide, while Silicones protect skin balance without drying it out. For a hydrating formulas that control oily areas like the nose & forehead & an all-over matte finish you can use Clear Start Hydrating Lotion
We can all be appearance-conscious, but a teenager’s appearance during their formative years truly affects their self-esteem in profound & lasting ways. Teenagers actually rank appearance & facial skin in their top three priorities.Here are some useful skincare tips · Practice a proper homecare routine that includes daily cleansing. · Apply sunscreen daily. · Never pick pimples (unless you have been taught the proper extraction method). · If your hands are dirty, do not touch your face at all. · Pillowcases should be changed weekly (at least) to avoid sleeping on bacteria, saliva andexcess sebum. · If you have acne on your back or chest, sleep in a clean cotton shirt. · Keep a clean cloth for your face in your school locker, especially if you are involved withsports or other activities that cause sweating. · After cleansing, reapply any sunscreen moisturizer or product for acneic skin. · For blemishes on the forehead, avoid using hair products and wearing hats or helmets for long periods of time. · Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. · You should not wear too much make-up to cover up blemishes. A quality, mineral can be applied lightly if needed.


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