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6 Ways to Prevent Body Acne

                           6 ways to prevent body acne

         Tips on how to change your lifestyle to change your skin! 

Here's how.:

1.Wear natural fibres - This helps keep skin free from congestion caused by trapped sweat, dead skin cells, excess oil and bacteria.

2.Shower after perspiring - Letting sweat linger promotes an acne-friendly environment on your skin. If you can’t shower right away, apply a product that contains Salicylic Acid to help purify and clear skin of excess oils.

3. Exfoliate - Acne-prone skin tends to shed more skin cells, which can clog pores and cause acne if they aren’t removed. Exfoliate twice a week, using a gentle non-abrassive exfoliant.

4. Moisturise - Balance the skins moisture levels so that the skin doesn't overproduce oil to overcompensate. Choose a non-comedogenic moisturiser. 

5. Clean your mobile-phone daily - Your cell phone harbors more bacteria than you know! Stop the spread of breakout causing bacteria.

6. Wash your pillowcase - Your pillowcase can collect oil, skin cells, bacteria and pore-clogging residue from hair products – all things that contribute to acne. Wash it at least once or twice a week help reduce congestion.


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