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This device is great for exfoliation also for infusing products into your skin also for skin firming and increasing elasticity.

It can be used in salon or at home, very easy directions to follow and very safe to use. 

Ultrasonic High Frequency:  Vibration 33,000 times/second ultrasonic high-frequency vibration for cleansing.

Tap Function:  Restores skin elasticity.

Positive Ion Export Dirt:  Ultrasonic + positive ions are used to extract oil & dirt from the skin.

Negative Ion Introduction of nutrients: Ultrasonic + negative ions effectively deep into the nutrient essence into the skin.

Bottom USB charging:  Easy to carry, Durable life.

Technical Features:
This device uses 33KHz ultrasonic vibration with Nano technology, this vibration can penetrate into skin around 3-7mm, increasing skin temperature, improve cell metabolism, accelerate microcirculation and improve metabolism of skin.
This operation speeds up metabolic rate of cells, deep cleansing skin, improving the skin quality.  Restoring skin elasticity and firmness. Stimulating your skin cell renewal, prevents skin congestion and helps reverse the signs of aging. Skin feels  soft and smooth.
1.Deep cleanse the skin
2.Replenishes skin & smoothes wrinkles
3 Eliminate dark circles under eye and swelling.
4 Lighten pigmentation
5  Ultrasound can make skin absorb  water quickly, and enhance the permeability of cells, moisturizing the skin

The Importance of Deep Cleansing - Skin care begins with cleansing and ends up with cleansing. Cleansing is the most important part of skin care. However, the soap or cleanser can't clean impurities and oil in pores completely. When the impurities and oil clog in the pores, even the best skin care products can't penetrate into the skin to make difference.

Usage: 1-2 times/week,10 -15 minutes/time
Prior to using your ultrasonic scrubber, please fully charge the device for 2 hours.
You can press Sonic button, drop water on the probe and you will see water become fog immediately.

After you have  cleansed your face with your Dermalogica cleanser., leave your face  wet, turn on the device, then press the "+" function, you can the start deep cleansing your skin. Please Note ( the switch faces the skin) and run the spatula over entire face especially areas of congestion. You will see the dirt, sebum,  even the most stubborn blackhead and leftover makeup just lift up out of your pores.  Wipe spatula dry with dry cloth or tissue.
Rinse skin thoroughly and dry.

Apply your  Serum and Moisturiser to the skin and choose the Sonic "-" function and keep the scrubber direction with the button side opposite the skin.  As you move the flat side of the spatula over each area, the device will emit ions that allow the active ingredients in the products to penetrate your skin at a deeper level.

For the lifting and firming up mode -  use the PAD function, which helps to increase skin elasticity and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will look brighter, feel cleaner and more relaxed.
Do not use the machine without putting any skin care products on your skin.  as this will result is discomfort
 The device emits ultrasonic waves at 24,000 Hz per second, which is strong enough to coax even the most stubborn blackhead out of its place.

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