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Sunscreen Laws!

Sunscreen Laws!
The laws have shifted recently in Australia with the requirement and regulation of SPF 50+ on our shelves. This has caused an obvious confusion as to how long can you dare to bare.
How well a sunscreen works is determined by testing two properties.
1. the 'sun protection factor' (SPF) - which measures the degree of protection against UVB radiation.
2. the 'broad spectrum performance' which is a measure of the degree of protection from UVA radiation.
While SPF 50+ sunscreens provide better broad spectrum performance, this does not mean you have a 'suit of armour' people still need to be SunSmart. You need to apply SPF 50+ sunscreen just as liberally as SPF 30+. In addition, as with other sunscreens, SPF 50+ may rub off through towelling, swimming, and perspiration. The rule for applyIng SPF 50+ remains the same: apply liberally and re-apply liberally every 2 hours.
Being SunSmart is still important, clothing, hats, sunglasses, keeping to the shade and avoiding excessive exposure of the skin to the sun's radiation.
NANOPARTICLES - Humans are exposed to nanoscale particles in the environment in the form of smoke, dust, ash and fine clays through the air, food and water. Foods are also naturally composed of nanoscale components. They are used in a variety of therapeutic products including some sunscreen.
Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide were the first ingredients to be used in Australian sunscreens in nanoparticle form, however, other ingredients may be used in nanoparticle form if approved by the TGA. Evidence shows that the particles remain on the surface of the skin, which is composed of non-viable (dead) cells and pose no threat to human health . There is no evidence suggesting that nanoparticles in sunscreen are unsafe. Sunscreens deemed to be unsafe with or without nanoparticles, will not be approved and cannot be legally sold in Australia.
Skin is an excellent record keeper. Every moment of exposure to daylight adds up like money in the bank – the problem is the payoff known as sun damage (also known as photodamage). As the top cause of premature signs of skin aging, sun damage shows on skin in the form of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, and can lead to a repressed immune system and the potential for skin cancer.
Even if exposure is limited to brief outdoor lunches or a 20-minute walk, cumulative exposure is enough to cause the signs of skin aging. The first line of daily defense against sun damage is daily use of SPF. Even on cloudy or overcast days, UV light can strike skin and cause damage, so simply wearing sunscreen on sunny days isn’t enough. Fortunately, more sophisticated sunscreen formulations with skin health benefits (think less chalky, less greasy) have made SPF a convenient addition to our morning routine. Dermalogica provides you with SPF moisturizers that can be worn comfortably under make-up, or alone to deliver defense against skin aging UV light.
Protect your skin with our range of broad spectrum spf products.
Dynamic Skin Recovery spf50, firming moisturiser packed with age-fighting ingredients.
Redness Relief Primer spf15, redness-reducing primer
Total Eye Care with spf15, thats safe around the eyes, contains optical light diffusers, brightening, smoothing protection
Super Sensitive Shield spf30, Sheer physical sunscreen that minimises inflammation, chemical-free defense
Oil Free Matte spf30, Breakout fighting sunscreen that absorbs oil for a shine-free finish. Sheer, weightless shield
Protection 50 Sport spf50, Lightweight, water-resistant, broad spectrum sun protection for the face and body.
Sheer Tint spf20, lightly tinted moisturizer, light, medium, dark shades
Skinperfect Primer spf30, illuminating make-up prep
Solar Defense Booster spf50, customizable spf defensespecifically formulated to add spf to your moisturiser or makeup
Pure Light spf50, advanced broad spectrum moisturizer great for brightening and evening skin tone.
Oil Clearing Matte Moisturiser spf 15, for teen skin to minimise oil and shine.


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