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What's the right way to exfoliate?

What's the right way to exfoliate?   

Fact: there *is* a right way to exfoliate. Here’s everything you need to know.   

  • Incorporating regular exfoliation into your skin care routine is key in maintaining luminous, healthy-looking skin. 
  • It’s important to hydrate immediately after exfoliating for best results. 

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that regular exfoliation helps to reveal brighter, fresher-looking skin. That’s because exfoliating speeds up the skin’s natural exfoliation process. But did you know that, done right, exfoliation can also help all your other skin care products work their best? It’s true: if you don’t remove dulling, dead skin cells via exfoliation, they can form a barrier that prevents the active ingredients in your skin care products from properly penetrating the skin. 

Here’s how to fit regular exfoliation into your skin care regimen for luminous, healthy-looking skin:                                                                                                  1. double cleanse  - Proper exfoliation starts with clean skin – and that means the Dermalogica Double Cleanse, starting with PreCleanse and finishing with your prescribed Dermalogica cleanser. This two-step routine is the best way to remove make-up residue, excess oil, and other impurities so that your exfoliant can do its job. 

2. exfoliate  - Chemical vs. physical, daily vs. weekly: the first step is finding the right exfoliant for your skin. To avoid over-exfoliating, choose one that works with your skin condition.  

3. hydrate - Exfoliation removes dulling, dead skin cells that prevent skin care products from penetrating properly – which means that the best time to hydrate is immediately after you exfoliate. If you’re looking for extra hydration, try Hydro Masque Exfoliant: its dual-action formula delivers an intense hydration boost while you exfoliate. 

4. apply targeted treatments  Now that skin is properly hydrated and primed for product absorption, it’s time to apply your targeted treatments  


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