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Which Toner Is Right for Your Skin

Why Use a Toner?  -   What to Look for   -   Understand the Benefits 

TONERS were used to 'remove' Mineral Oil based cleansers, that is because Mineral Oil cannot be washed off the skin.  Toners then contained SD Alcohol to remove both the cleanser and mineral oil.  These toners caused irritation and dryness to the skin, so most people avoided using them.  
Today a toner is a water-based solution that helps balance the skin’s pH levels and hydrate the skin.  They also act as a primer and allows the remainder of your products to penetrate the skin more effectively.                                             How do your use toner? A toner is ideally used after cleansing the skin.  Your toner comes in a spray, which can be spritzed onto the skin both during your skincare routine and throughout the day as needed.  This also helps to deliver essential moisture to your skin.  A toner can also come in the form of an essence such as Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence. Which is a slightly richer product form that helps deliver benefits to the skin.                             What are the benefits of a toner? Toners deliver added nutrients & benefits into your skincare routine e.g. cleaning clogged pores, & removing dulling surface cells.                                                                                                    Why should I use a toner after cleansing?  The main reason is to fully cleanse your skin. When you double cleanse, some oil or debris may be left behind.  Toner also helps to refine the skin after cleansing.                                How often should I use toner?  Incorporate it into your cleansing routine using it both morning and evening skincare routines.  

Finally, toner is available as a mist or an essence, both of which are slightly richer product forms that help deliver benefits to the skin. After applying toner, you can then follow with the rest of your skincare routine — moisturisers, serums, eye treatments, sunscreen, et cetera!   

So, next time you ask yourself whether to 'tone or not to tone'. The answer is a booming Yes!   

 To help you choose a toner specific for your skin. Scroll through - 

 NEW!! Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist - Saturate your skin with hydration to help it bounce back. Hydrates & strengthens the skin barrier.  Smooths the appearance of fine lines. 

If you have more sensitive skin may want to use a toner like UltraCalming Mist – a soothing hydrating mist to help calm redness and sensitivity – Use post cleanse to lock in hydration and prime skin for treatment with other UltraCalming products. 

 Multi Active Toner Travel sizes are great as they can be kept in your bag to refreshen up and hydrate your skin. (Especially if you work in an air-conditioned environment) You can also spritz it over your makeup. 

AGEsmart Antioxidant Hydramist – Refreshing antioxidant toner that helps firm and hydrate your skin with active antioxidant shield to help fight free radical damage and prevent the signs of ageing. 

Dermalogica Redness Relief Essence – Lightweight like a toner but concentrated like a serum, this refreshing formula visibly reduces redness and helps reduce sensitivity by strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier. 



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