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Winter Skin

Winter Skin  

Cool winter temperatures, hot showers and soap-based products can pull moisture from the skin. Your skin looks dull, feels tight, dry and itchy.  

At a microscopic level a lack of moisture and oil weakens your skin’s natural protective barrier leaving it susceptible to invading chemicals causing redness, irritation and sensitivity. 

The skin on the lips being extra thin and sensitive results in dry cracked lips. 

The winter dryness looks bleak, but what can we do to alleviate these symptoms?  

Layering on extra hydration during colder seasons will restore lost moisture and relieve dry, thirsty skin. 

Start with a creamy, soap-free cleanser. Every Dermalogica Cleanser is soap-free and PH-balanced to protect the skin’s natural moisture balance. 

Next use a hydrating spritz after cleansing to reduce tightness and lock in moisture and even out skin porosity. 

Follow with Skin Hydrating Booster, a super-fluid that hydrates tissues and plumps parched skin. Apply 6 to 10 drops directly to skin, or mix with your favorite Dermalogica Moisturizer.  

 Target sensitised skin with calming complex such as Barrier Defense Booster to reduce the discomfort. 

For an added boost, apply Skin Hydrating Masque 2 to 3 times a week after cleansing to calm, infuse skin with protective antioxidant vitamins, and restore moisture for fewer fine lines. 

Finally add a protective moisturiser with at least a spf15 with Prisma Protect. 

Treat skin while you sleep with a peptide serum rich in Argan Oil such as Overnight Repair Serum that provides fatty acids, plant sterols, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid to reinforce the barrier lipid layer. 

 Reduce the temperature of your bath and shower, use bath oils, and apply body moisturiser immediately after your shower (within 3 minutes) 

 Avoid licking lips, as digestive enzymes and bacteria in saliva can damage the lips. Use a nourishing lip balm with Shea Butter and Avocado. 

Remember, think layers when it comes to keeping skin healthy all winter long. 

As I am now in my advanced senior years my tip to survive the winter is mix a few drops each of skin hydrating booster, barrier defense booster & phyto replenishing oil in my palm and apply to my skin and then finish with a mix of prisma protect and power serum (a pea size amount of both) Feels wonderful!!! 


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